Gravity Falls: Soos and The Real Girl – Secrets, Theories & Soos Secrets Revealed!

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►Gravity Falls Season 2 Episode 5 Soos and The Real Girl Preview Analysis, Soos Secrets Revealed!

►Gravity Falls Soos and The Real Girl airs in a little more than a week and so far we’ve been given a preview, with another preview probably coming later next week!

– The Gravity Falls Soos and The Real Girl Preview shows that the main plot is going to be based Soos, his day to day life and show off Secrets of Soos that we haven’t yet seen!

– Based on the preview and the Season 2 SDCC Trailer we can speculate that the episode Soos and The Real Girl will take place at Soos’s home and also the Pizzeria/Arcade, which will include animatronics coming to life!

– Also Based on what we have seen so far we can speculate that Soos will either be trying to impress a girl at an arcade or working at an arcade, when he isn’t at the Mystery Shack!

– The 2nd preview for Gravity Falls Soos and The Real Girl was released and confirmed the theory that the episode will primarily be about Soos and Soos trying to impress a girl, so he can take her to his cousin Reggie’s wedding…

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