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The Legend of Korra Season 2, Book 3 and 4 Confirmed??!! Teen Titans Return??!! ..
Marvel Spider-Man Confirmed for Captain America Civil War. Sony Reboot, Logan Lerman, Miles Morales, Marvel Phase 3 changes, Thor 3 and Avengers Infinity War ► Avenge..
Hey people, big news for "The Legend Of Korra" It has been confirmed. Read whole entry from Wall street journal!!!! And visit websites for more info http://www.lastairb..
A little something I stumbled apon from looking at the wiki. Ignore Tags Below: THE LEGEND OF KORRA SEASON 2 CONFIRMED 2013! THE LEGEND OF KORRA SEASON 2 CONFIRMED 2013! THE LEGEND OF KORRA SEASON 2 C..
A discussion video regarding The Legend of Korra: Book 4 "Balance" trailer and all it appears to demonstrate for the final season of Korra. Not only has there been a time skip, but characters seem to ..
its official as of last night, mike and bryan have been requested by nickelodean to create 2 new seasons of the hit series Legend of Korra. CANT WAIT 1. zuko will appear in season 2 2. amon IS dead 3...
Legend of Korra co-creator, Bryan Konietzko, confirmed Korrasami is Canon! Join the Otaku. KORRASAMI CONFIRMED CANON By Co-Creators, Korrasami Confirmed ○Thanks for Watching guys.Be sure to look out..
After leaving a fantastic taste in people's mouths from Book 3's spectacular content, The Legend of Korra strikes again with more good news; this time mainly for Australia. However, due to the current..