Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Tutorial, How to Get Reveal Glass ●Thanks for Watching guys...Be sure to look out for more videos coming soon on the channel. ►In this Pokemon Omega Ruby and ..
Alright, so this is a video idea that just hit me instantly after hearing this song. I really wanted to do a whole cast video for LOK Book 3, and I thought this song was the perfect thing to utilize f..
Kita and her father are forced to retreat from their home in the Southern Watertribe village. Escaping to an outpost, Kita knows that to fit in she'll need to make herself known as a healer. When sh..
Bolin finds himself on his way back to the Southern Watertribe, but what will be waiting for him there? Will Kita even remember him? Meta data: This is my most popular fic (for some reason) here for ..