the legend of korra jinora and kai kiss the legend of korra jinora and kai kiss ..
Hace tiempo no disfrutaba tanto editando un video, korrasami!!!! me gusta esta pareja y me hubiera gustado ver mas, pero como sea eran pareja!!!! espero les guste 😀 ..
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is it really hapenned? tell me this never happened!! ..
We all know this is how the Korra Finale should have ended... ..
Make sure to check out all the tracks, Including the Wedding March, and Tell me Which Was your Favourite in the Comments below! I OWN NOTHING IN THIS VIDEO, I SWEAR TO THE FACT THAT THIS VIDEO WAS MAD..
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Watch in HD how Korra and Mako kiss.... Whilst Bolin sees them... To see Avatar The Legend Of Korra Episodes for free : Go to ..
korra and mako kiss yay GO MAKORRA please dont dislike if u dislike, U DONT KNOW NOTHING ABOUT LOVE ..