I talk about the recent price reveal of the Aang Statue from Dark Horse Deluxe ..
here is some information about Avatar The Legend of Korra. there are also some rumors that i found! ..
Dante Basco (Zuko) who is playing an as of yet unknown character in upcoming Avatar The Legend Of Korra (although rumors are spreading about his character's history) has just revealed our first known ..
Favorite Book 4 Episode Poll: http://goo.gl/PSm64E ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode Sneak Peek: http://goo.gl/qlYQmQ ------------------..
Favorite Book 4 Episode Poll: http://goo.gl/KsykIy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode Sneak Peek: http://goo.gl/fj8jLJ ------------------..
Arrow Season 2 Episode 1 Review - City of Heroes. Black Canary revealed - Caity Lotz, Oliver Green Arrow, Summer Glau, League of Assassins and Suicide Squad. ► http://bit.ly/AwesomeSubscribe Superna..
A lot of stuff had to be covered in this finale, and some things felt a bit rushed, but overall I loved the finale, and I thought it was a good ending to a great season of this AWESOME show. Avatar: T..
Favorite Book 4 Episode Poll: http://goo.gl/CSLoyS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode Sneak Peek: http://goo.gl/ncFPnK ------------------..
Not to be taken seriously. It probably isn't funny anymore but I think it is :P. I do not own FMA: Brotherhood or Avatar: The Legend of Korra Inspired by something on tumblr. Anime/Cartoon: Avatar: ..
Episode 5 airs on nick.com on friday, October 31st! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Favorite Book 4 Epis..