The Legend of Korra Season 2 Episode 12 – Harmonic Convergence – Full Episode

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After leaving Jinora’s spiritless body in Katara’s care, Korra and her friends attempt to break through the Northern defenses in order to reach the Southern spirit portal. Although initially unsuccessful, they manage to enter the Spirit World, where Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin leave to find Jinora’s spirit, while Mako and Bolin hold back Unalaq in order to give Korra the time to close the portal. However, Harmonic Convergence starts before Korra can close the portal, and Vaatu manages to break free from his prison inside the Tree of Time.
On Varrick’s battleship, Kya has placed Jinora inside a healing tub and tries to stabilize her condition. Bumi is outside playing a flute for Oogi, Naga, and Pabu, and Korra practices her airbending on a training dummy while Tenzin observes her. Mako has yet to tell Korra the truth about their fight when Bolin walks up to him wearing a coat and eating a pie he found inside the ship. He muses that he misses Varrick and asks Mako if he has told Korra yet. Mako dodges the issue, but Bolin reminds Mako of what he told him; he should do it fast and get it over with. At that time, Korra affirms her conviction to close the spirit portals and defeat Unalaq and Vaatu by firebending the dummy’s head off, which lands at Mako’s feet. When Tenzin describes their plan of attack by breaking through the Northern forces and meeting up with Tonraq’s army, both Kya and Bumi point out that Tenzin’s strategy is more aggressive than the ones he has used before, to which Tenzin says that he will do anything to save his daughter. Bumi begins to tell them another war story, but Tenzin shuts him down immediately. Asami comes out and asks if they are ready, since she had intercepted a distress call from the South.
Asami reveals her plan
In order to get Korra, Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin into the Spirit World, Asami suggests an aerial attack, with herself, Mako, and Bolin serving as the decoy.
They arrive at the South Pole and Korra reunites with her mother. She is told that her father was captured and the other soldiers were badly injured. Tenzin asks where Katara is and goes inside. He tells her that Jinora’s spirit is trapped and that she has been like this for nearly a week. Katara is asked how much longer can Jinora stay in this condition; she tells her son that she does not know, but notes that Jinora is strong to have lasted like this for so long. Korra is informed that the spirit portal is heavily guarded and that they must reach it on their own. Bumi tells them that they must attack from above by retelling an adventure he fought in with a catapult, but Tenzin furiously tells him to stop with the crazy stories. However, Asami points out that he might be on to something. She tells them that they have Oogi as well as a plane on Varrick’s ship. They split into separate groups; Tenzin, Bumi and Kya will go with Korra on Oogi to get into the portal while Bolin and Mako will go with Asami and create a diversion.
Unalaq is meditating inside one of the tents when Desna and Eska arrive and ask why they are still in the South Pole. Desna points out that the rebel army was subdued and that the two Water Tribes are now united, while Eska adds that the two portals are open and that they should go home. Unalaq says that there is still one thing left to be done that will make all of these achievements “pale in comparison”. The twins look at each other while Unalaq describes his plan for a new world that he will rule. He dispatches them to assemble the army to defend the portal when Korra arrives.