Top 10 Legend of Korra Episodes – KORRASAMI CANON CONFIRMED By Creators!

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KORRASAMI CONFIRMED CANON By Co-Creators, Korrasami Canon

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►Since the Legend of Korra Finale has finally come to a close I decided that it would be nice to make a send off for the Legend of Korra Finale, since it was one of my favorite shows. In this video I will be listing and discussing the Top 10 Legend of Korra Episodes. Also seeing how the Korrasami Canon has officially been confirmed by the creators I will be discussing what I thought about Korrasami being confirmed at the end of the video, along with the Legend of Korra Finale!


►Legend of Korra Finale Review:

– Note: Most of the episodes listed in this Top 10 Legend of Korra Episodes List were chosen based on the opinions of myself and others around the Legend of Korra Community.. Also today Korrasami Canon was confirmed by the co-creators!

►Just like I stated in my Legend of Korra Finale Review I did think that the Legend of Korra Finale was one of the best finales and episodes in the series and thought it did a good job with getting people to discuss what they thought..
– Each of my Legend of Korra Season 4 Episode Reviews can be found on my Youtube & Dailymotion!

►Question: What are some of your favorite Legend of Korra Episodes and what did you think of the Legend of Korra Book 4 Finale Episode? Also what are your own opinions on Korrasami Canon being confirmed by the co-creators of the show?

– All Images that were used in this video were used under the right of Fair Use for Review Usage. This video doesn’t contain any copyright content!

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