The official symbol for book 3 was released a few weeks ago but i was too lazy to do it. But here it is anyways! Be sure to like and subscribe for more updates! KorraNation Link: http://sot.ag/PXyQ/ F..
I just had a little idea to create an Amon speech video. Everyone else seemed to dislike him with a passion, I couldn't help but feel he may have had a point, but just didn't go about it the right way..
Watch Legend Of Korra Here: http://bit.ly/1rnR44s A bold and rebellious teenage girl undergoes training to become a fully realized Avatar in a world where benders are persecuted. Avatar Legend Of Korr..
Spoiler alert! If you haven't finished watching the first season of The Legend of Korra, you might want to do so before enjoying this episode. But even if you're not a Korra fan, there's some fun stor..
Avatar/Legend of Korra Discussion: Asami Sato Equalist/Amon's Spy? NO IMAGES I WAS LAZY Asami smiling during everyones shock: http://i.ytimg.com/vi/aKW6wX2hjio/0.jpg twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/J..
Probably one of the funniest parts in this episode of Legend Of Korra Season 2 Episode 13. Tenzin, Kya and Bumi have been thrown down to the Fog Of Lost Souls.Tenzin read an ancient text that the fog ..
My favorite site : http://w.atch.me/1ZNr0S Where I can watch The legend of korra season 4 episode 3 online streaming no survey in hd version , instant play video. synopsis & Detail Republic City..
Sorry about the bad lighting... Legend of Korra IS AMAZING! ..
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