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Watch Avatar Legend of Korra Season 4 Episode 3 "The Coronation" Full Episode || Click ยป http://v.ht/az7h Click link Above to Avatar Legend of Korra Season 4 Episode 3 You will be enabled to access F..
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If you like the game join this Group, to help make it better --> http://www.roblox.com/My/Groups.aspx?gid=1152077\n\n---Legends of Korra: World of Avatar---\n\n~Version 1.8.1\n*Swamp Added\n*Toph A..
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Do you think Korra will ever overcome the fear? What do you think the World Leaders are going to do about Kuvira? What did you think about the Legend of Korra episode 3? MyAnimeList: http://myanimelis..
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