I wonder how long it would take me to upload a 20+ hour video. ..
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00:00 - After All These Years 19:45 - Korra Alone 39:15 - The Coronation 58:44 - The Calling 1:18:08 - Enemy at the Gates 1:37:40 - The Battle of Zaofu 1:57:00 - Reunion 2:16:22. legend of korra legen..
There's only one thing Prince Wu is looking forward to more than ruling the Earth Kingdom, his PARTY! Watch Book 4 at nick.com/korra. Subscribe if you love Nickelodeon and want to see more! http://go..
All scenes of Makorra including the final kiss and love confessions. Please leave your comments. :D. ..
Download link : http://avatars.boards.net/thread/195/download-legend-korra-seasons-1 Join the forum for latest news!! Enjoy! ..
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